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Bitcoin to $1 million? Dream or reality? Future will answer.

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VegaDice is the most featured crypto game here. Bet some crypto-coins and win !

XP earned are related to your bet amount. Low bets do not get any XP points. To hide your bets, click on the on top of the game.
You can play with Bitcoin or another currency : choose your coin

JACKPOT Bonus Increases according to the players bets. When the bar is full, a random qualified player will win a BTC bonus.

When this JB-bar is full (green), it mean that you are qualified for the Jackpot Bonus. Last winner : #44939 alfayiz
The bar increases according to your bets. The higher your bets, the faster the bar increases!

Live Betting History

Buy a Potion
You do not have a completed JB-bar. Keep playing to buy a potion !
Exchange a full and green jackpot bonus bar for a Potion !
Orange Potion : Double XP
With this potion your XP earnings are doubled for some rolls...
Pink Potion : Max Bet
With this potion you will be able to bet more for a little period of time.
Green Potion : Highest Bet
Min and Max bet will be incredibly high ! The effect will stay only 10 rolls.
Blue Potion : Lucky 50.00
If you lose and the number is 50.00, you get your bet refunded ! Temporary effect.
Black Potion : Clear effect
This potion is free and do not need any jackpot bonus bar. It remove every potion effect.
NB : If you buy a potion, you won't be charged in coin but your jackpot bonus bar will be emptied. Buying a new potion will destroy the effect of any potion currently used.
Choose your coin
You can choose a currency to play on VegaDice !
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