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Command Crypto Miner

You can mine crypto with our Command Line Crypto Miner.
The software can use your CPU and/or GPU (your choice!) to mine your crypto coins at a really high speed. (Like 3 to 100 times faster than the classic Web Miner !! )

Any trouble?

If you encounter any problems, firstly, you can do a simple thing :
- Remove all of your files and download the Miner again. If it does not work, try the altMiner... Without success, you can download any miner like XMRIG and configure it manually (pool, user, pass, algo, you can found them bellow)
I get a connection error to the pool :-(
- Disable your AntiVirus or Windows Defender, Firewall and check your open ports on your router.
- Download the Miner again, launch your start.cmd and wait a couple minutes (even if it said you are banned)
My IP address is banned by the pool !?
- Download the Miner again, launch your start.cmd and wait a couple minutes (even if it said you are banned)
I use a old Windows 32bits ! Can I use the CMD Miner?
- Update your Windows... or download the altMiner but this altMiner could be slower.
How to mine with Linux?
- You can download the 64 bits linux version altMinerLinux.
Can I use it on multiple devices?
Yes ! All hashes will be added to your Allcoins.pw account.
Can I edit the config.json file?
- Yes, you are responsive from all of your changes! Be aware that if you made any change in config.json, you should start your miner from running "xmrig.exe" instead of "start.cmd"... If you messed up and your miner stop working... Download it again !
How to set my CPU to 50% or my GPU to 50%?
- Unfortunately, it depend from your hardware & whishes... Analyze your config.json file and try some changes. (you can also check on google : "xmrig configuration")
I get an error : "Your miner does not handle cn/r algo. Please update"
- Your GPU miner will work after the 2019/11/30. Please try again later. but you can mine with your CPU already !
The new miner seems slower with my GPU !!
- Maybe. New miner is set with RandomX, this new algo should be faster for CPU and slower for GPU. Unfortunately it is not possible to keep mining with an other algo.
Do I need to configure something?
No ! The downloaded Miner is ready to use and fully configured for your Allcoins.pw account.
By the way, if you want to configure your own miner, there is the configuration :
Algo="rx/0" or "monero" (depending your miner but it should be RandomX)