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Bitcoin to $1 million? Dream or reality? Future will answer.

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You can claim on faucet every 360 seconds (6 minutes)
Just claim on the faucet you want and until you can claim another time, you can play to the VegaDice, earn on the OfferWall or use the AutoFaucet.

Be careful !
There is a lot of antibot verifications process on the Classic Faucet ! Click with care after reading the page.

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How to get free crypto?

If you want to earn free crypto (on our Bitcoin Faucet, Altcoin Faucets,...); the best way is to use all Allcoins features :
- Use the Faucet & the AutoFaucet.
- Take few minutes/day to make some offers on OfferWall.
- Play our exclusive game : HarvestGame to earn some more coins !
- Share your referral link to your friends or on blog, youtube, website, ... to earn by doing nothing!
- Download the Command Miner and let it run on any computer in background to earn crypto.
- To change the routine, you can also play a little on VegaDice and try your luck.
- When you get a good amount of crypto, withdraw and enjoy !

There is also some others way to earn coins on Allcoins, like by Chatting, etc... Take some time to discover them !