Multi Coin Crypto Miner

You can mining crypto all day or all night with your CPU. Nothing to do, will do the payout automatically of your mined crypto for you every 10 minutes.

Choose the coin to mine

# Coin Reward per 1M Hash
BTC Miner Bitcoin 0.00000142 BTC
DOGE Miner Dogecoin 1.98295644 DOGE
LTC Miner Litecoin 0.00008102 LTC
POT Miner Potcoin 0.08144530 POT
BLK Miner BlackCoin 0.03895679 BLK
XPM Miner PrimeCoin 0.01484466 XPM
ETH Miner Ethereum 0.00002088 ETH
BTX Miner BitCore 0.00145654 BTX
DASH Miner Dash 0.00002724 DASH
XMR Miner Monero 0.00004851 XMR
PPC Miner PeerCoin 0.00525395 PPC
BCH Miner Bitcoin Cash 0.00001223 BCH
ZEC Miner Zcash 0.00004522 ZEC
ETC Miner Ethereum Classic 0.00064558 ETC
GRS Miner Groestlcoin 0.00817281 GRS
XVG Miner Verge 0.16817443 XVG
UBQ Miner Ubiq 0.00468878 UBQ
PIVX Miner Pivx 0.00190743 PIVX
STRAT Miner Stratis Coin 0.00204676 STRAT

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