Web Miner

You can mine crypto all day and all night with your CPU. Nothing to do, Allcoins.pw will do the payout automatically of your mined crypto for you every 10 minutes.

Choose the coin to mine

# Coin Reward per 1M Hash
BTC Web Miner Bitcoin 0.00000004 BTC
DOGE Web Miner Dogecoin 0.15593125 DOGE
LTC Web Miner Litecoin 0.00000709 LTC
ETH Web Miner Ethereum 0.00000202 ETH
DASH Web Miner Dash 0.00000413 DASH
XMR Web Miner Monero 0.00000560 XMR
BCH Web Miner BitcoinCash 0.00000122 BCH
ETC Web Miner Ethereum Classic 0.00005575 ETC
IDA Web Miner IDA Token 0.02384373 IDA
XLM Web Miner Stellar Lumens 0.00687624 XLM
XRP Web Miner Ripple 0.00160202 XRP
TRX Web Miner Tron 0.02384373 TRX
BTT Web Miner Bittorrent Token 1.40353401 BTT