2018-12-17 20:32:29
More earnings on OfferWall !


There is some good news for the OfferWall!! As the recent changes on the OfferWall are good for all good members, we increased the credit value... So you will get 10% more BTC than before for all your offerwalls credits ! (so all of your offerwall earnings that you did not cashed out yet -included the pending ones- are increased by 10% like all new offers which you will complete!)

We also made some updates on the levels for the OfferWall.
From now, all offerwalls rewards will be paid faster than before; we have lowered all delays and the level required to get instant payment are lowered too !

You can see the new levels step for the offerwall on this page : my level.

Enjoy it and keep making offers no matter the level you are... Levels are raising so fast : 50 XP are added with every offers made !

Go to the OfferWall and get some bitcoin !

2018-12-16 14:55:58
Cmd Miner Boost


As you probably know, you can mine some coins from here, with our Cmd Miner; which is giving the best rate in the world, probably.

Today, we introducing the first Command Line Crypto Miner Contest.
Starting next monday, the top 3 users who collect the most hashes mining with our Command Line Crypto Miner each day will win (Daily prizes tipped in chat).
At the end of the week, we will tally all the hashes for each user and the three users with the most hashes will win a whopping (Weekly prizes)!
Make sure to invite your friends to join in too! The more participants, the higher the prizes!!
Don't forget, even if you don't win a top prize, everyone wins because all hashes will still be paid out like they usually are!
In order to participate : you need to download the Command Miner and let it run (no configuration needed)!
During the contest make sure to check who is in the lead by typing in our chat : "/pool day" for the days current leaders, and "/pool week" for the users who are in the lead for the weekly prize. You can also check your rank on the miner page.

After this week's contest, prizes will be given randomly on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis throughout the year.

What are you doing still reading this? Get mining!!! :-)

2018-12-13 18:09:41
Offerwall changes


PTCwall was added, the payout is pretty low but it is easy to reach the payout (0.002 credits)... We still encourage you to use AdGateMedia as it's -from now and since a long time- the best offerwall in the market... They got some really good offers.

Offerwall balance could be delayed for users with a low level. Depending this and depending the offer reward, it could be instant but it could also take few days until you can cashout your reward but you are always able to see your pending earnings over there : My Offerwall History.

We are looking to add another good offerwalls but our goal is not to have 100 offerwalls but only the bests.

Happy earnings on OfferWall !

2018-12-06 21:46:40
AutoFaucet news and game

Hello Users!

You may have noticed we have made some changes to the AutoFaucet Shortlink reward and boosted it up, instead of 3 autoclaims per link it is now 4! You can also visit more links than before, the day limit is higher.

Also if you have been active in chat you may have noticed we have added a new game called Coin Toss!
The game is a 1 versus 1 game where you go head to head against other site users.

The game works like this; first you pick your bet amount (10 satoshi, 100 satoshi or 1000 satoshi) now you can pick heads or tails or random, either one you pick you will be matched with an opponent of the opposing side of the coin. Then a virtual coin will be flipped and which ever side it lands on that user will win!

Good Luck and Happy Claiming!

2018-11-21 00:58:26
Some news

Hello dear users.
Recently a massive amount of bots was running on your favorite website,
So we have to disable temporary the free freeroll and add another protection on the faucet claim.

Sorry about that but as we don't like to announce only bad things, the good one is there is a new ranking on the command miner.
You will be able to check your ranking on the miner page and check the top 3 miners in chat by typing "/pool day".

A contest will be out soon with rewards for the best miners!

See you soon.

2018-10-22 01:45:39
Another UPDATE

Hello Miners.

I have to ask you to update your Command Miner again.
This one is a little faster and more stable.

Please update it soon as possible, you will find the download links on this page : Command Miner (there is Mining app for windows 64 or 32 bits and for Linux)

The reward will increase in the nexts days.

Thanks and happy mining !

2018-10-19 16:21:49
New Command Miner

Hello allcoiners.

There is a new command miner ! This new version can handle the new cryptonight v8.

You can download the miner on this page : commandminer.

Happy earnings !

2018-09-24 14:11:33
Levels and Harvest

Hello !

You already saw it, for sure, but... There is some levels on since a month!

You can check your level, how to grow, what you can get on : Levels

There is also a new game, the Harvest game. Simple and fun, place your worker on a good place and win some rewards !

Have fun !

2018-08-27 14:21:26
OfferWall and 3 coins added!

Hello allcoiners !

There is some GOOD NEWS !
The OFFERWALL is here and it is awesome !
Some users made already 100 000 BTC satoshi in only ONE survey !! Watching somes videos to earn 10 000 BTC satoshi or install and playing games on your mobile device to earn 80 000 BTC satoshi... All of this is possible from now !

It is not enough? Ok. 3 news coins are added ! Minexcoin, Syscoin and Bitecoin Diamond.

Happy earnings guys !

2018-08-21 21:21:20
New deposit addresses

Hello allcoiners.

Just to inform that we just finishing to switch the Deposit feature to the new payment system. Some of currencies that was not available on the deposit system are all available from now !

Be sure to not use your old deposit addresses and check for your new one on the deposit page. Also, be careful of the minimal deposit amount to not lose your coins !

Have fun !

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