2018-08-12 21:15:41
New coins and more !

Hello !

We are glad to announce that we changed the payment system for a better one.

Now you can use the Direct Wallet withdrawal method for lower fees : for example, the BTC fees was at 50000 BTC sats before... And now it's only 5000 BTC Satoshi.

We have added 4 news coins : Pink, Reddcoin, Electroneum and Bitcoin Gold are now available on Claim your coins on our faucets !

See you soon !

2018-07-07 16:00:38
XMR and DGB !

Hello guys.

Two good news today.

- A new coin was added : The DigiByte. You can get some DGB from our faucet from now.
- If you got some XMR, you will be glad to hear that you can withdraw your Monero to FaucetHub from now !

We hope you will enjoy it and stay tuned... Some others good news will come in the nexts months !

2018-07-03 10:48:59
Zcash withdrawal

Hello there.

a new withdrawal method is available for your ZEC !
Since yesterday you can withdraw your ZCASH coins to your FaucetHub account !

Enjoy !

2018-06-19 13:17:04
A new PTC !

Hello guys.

We are pleased to announce that a new feature has been added to : The Pay to Click system !
You can now grab some bitcoin satoshi by visiting some links.

For the launching of the PTC there is a promotion period and you can add a link to the PTC at a discount price.

Enjoy !

2018-06-10 11:33:49
Lottery is out !

Hello users !

We are glad to count a new game into our crypto games !
The Lottery is finally out !

You can buy a ticket for only 25 BTC satoshi. The winnings prizes grow up on every ticket bought.
More tickets you buy, more chances to have a winning ticket !

Winners are announced every day.

Good luck !

2018-06-01 00:14:45
New Coins added

Hello !

There is 2 news coins available on
GameCredits Faucet
Komodo Faucet

Enjoy claiming !

PS : Cashout your hashes on the COMMAND MINER ... You will get a new higher rate for your next mining sessions !

2018-05-14 23:50:25
Dice Hi-Lo

Hello people.

I have the pleasure to announce there is a new game on !
The Dice Game is out !

Have fun!

2018-04-27 02:59:51
BIG miner !

Hello there!
I'm happy to announce that we have a new command line crypto miner !
You will be able to mine crypto with your CPU and(/or) your GPU with a really high rate !

Try it, you will love it !

Have fun !

2018-04-21 23:24:27
New features !

Hello people !
AutoFaucet as a new feature : you are able to claim multiple coin at once !
The new feature of the Chat is the "Pause". You can check the chat history without getting down automatically.
The CryptoMiner doesn't get new features but all rewards was increased by 15% !


2018-04-14 22:16:34
Some fixes

Hi people !

We are glad people seems likes Allcoins.

Some of you report some troubles on the Miner & AutoFaucet. They are fixed. Everything should works as expected.

Have fun !

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