2019-08-10 11:42:44

Hello allcoiners !

IDA Token is now added into ! You can use it on our IDA Faucet, WebMiner, AutoFaucet, Exchange,...

To help you claim your firsts coins, there is a temporary event : the "boosted" Faucet with a high rate is available here :
Hurry, this event faucet won't stay long while the normal faucet will stay, with a lower rate.

IDA will make an AIRDROP soon for token holders, so you better to buy some IDA !
Just use your TRX coins (with your TRON wallet) on tronscan, click the top-right "PARTICIPATE" button :

Happy earnings!

2019-07-07 18:32:59
Tron added

The TRON coin is added on your favorite faucet !

You can claim it on the TRX FAUCET or use the exchange.
No withdrawal method is available yet but you will be able to withdraw it soon so keep claiming and make your balance grow up !

Don't forget to vote for the next coin.

Happy earnings

2019-07-03 12:05:56
Unlisting UBQ

Hello users.

As the coin is almost not used here, UBQ (Ubiq coin) will be delisted on soon.
You won't lose anything as you can still exchange the Ubiq coins you have in your balance to another currency : Exchange coins.

The coin will be entirely removed from the website in the next few weeks.

You can still claim/use 30 currencies at the moment.

Thank you.

2019-06-13 17:19:13
News, Fees & VIP

Hello world !

Some of you complained about some trouble to receive our emails on Microsoft emails (hotmail, live, outlook, ..) : it's fixed but we still ask to all of our users to set our email address in whitelist (whatever email provider you use) .. We do not send any spam, newsletter or anything that can annoying you but it still needed for security reasons of your account.

Due to the network fees, there was some updates on withdrawals fees for "Direct Wallet" recently. All currencies get a lower fees (or the same fees as before), except bitcoin : 0.0002 BTC fees per withdrawal at the moment.
UPDATE : Bitcoin get lower fees also : 5000 sats per transactions (confirmations could be slower than before!).

If you has VIP status, there is some changes :
- 2FA is still available but you can use Google Authenticator instead of basic 2FA email.
- The chat command /callmod is available only for you, as VIP.

If you are not VIP, you can still become VIP simply by making a donation as explained : donation page. The VIP status is lifetime.

Have fun !

2019-04-07 11:31:00
More things on VegaDice

Hello allcoiners.

There is something more on VegaDice !

From now you will be able to choose the currency you want to bet so you can play with alt !
There is the available coins : Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin !

Have fun and try your luck now on VegaDice !

2019-03-18 21:28:51
Three news in one !

Hi !

A lots of good news.

1) Puzzle #2 is resolved... A new one is in place, 75000 satoshi to win. Bitcoin puzzle game

2) Do you know Ripple? It is listed on allcoins ! Go grab some XRP on the Ripple Faucet.

3) VegaDice v2 is released ! You will be able to use some Potion with some effects... Try it : VegaDice

Have fun !

2019-03-13 18:02:32
Do you like Puzzle?

Hello alcoiners;

We want to try another little game for you.
A puzzle which contain 12 words and those 12 words make a bitcoin seed. As this is the first (and the easiest), the reward is 5000 BTC sats but more levels and higher rewards will come next. (50000 sats for the Puzzle level 2)

More info on the page : Puzzle Bitcoin Seed Game.

You can eventually share this puzzle with your friends or on some forums to get some help !

Good luck !

2019-03-08 19:53:53
New Command Miner

Hello miners !

Please update your Mining Software ASAP or you won't be able to mine anymore.
Monero will change his mining algorythm so without the last update, you won't be able to submit your hashes.

You can find the new Mining Software here.

Happy mining.

2019-03-07 12:49:10
Stellar Faucet

Hello allcoins users!

As you requested through the poll, we added the most voted coin on your favorite faucet: Stellar Lumens (XLM) is added on!

The new coin is available as all others altcoins so you can claim on XLM Faucet, exchange, use the XLM Webminer, Stellar AutoFaucet, ...

As always, the fastest way to earn : make some offer from the offerwalls, exchange your rewards from BTC to XLM and make your withdrawal !

Happy earnings.

2019-02-18 22:24:30
Litecoin Cash Event

Hello allcoiners,

For the nexts days, you will be able to claim some Litecoin Cash on the Litecoin Cash Faucet !
Everyday, you will be able to claim 0,11 LCC in one claim, untill the event is over...

This event is supported by, go to their website to make a wallet.

Have fun !

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