2020-07-06 16:04:26
New Token added !

Hello dear users !

We hope you are all safe...
Today you could spend some more good time on your favorite website !

We just added the GOGOMONSTER TOKEN !
You can access now to our GGM FAUCET.

If you want to know more about GGM, you can check the website : there is some free tickets to play games and earn bitcoin or 6 others crypto coins !

Have fun !

2020-06-08 14:12:51
No more ETC

Hello people.

ETC (Ethereum Classic) will be removed from due to a technical issue.
All withdrawal are paid but for the people who still have some ETC balance, please exchange it ASAP to any other coin.

Sorry about that but there is no way at the moment to fix the ETC system within a reasonable time/resources, so we do not have any other choice.

Thanks for your understanding !

2020-03-27 10:35:58
Win 100,000 BTC satoshi !

Hello allcoiners.

There is a long time you did not see any new Bitcoin Puzzle Game ! So there is a new level, the Allcoins Bitcoin Puzzle Game Level 6 !

As the 5 firsts levels was resolved really quickly, more words are added from this level, so you have to find the 12 words seed + 12 words from the extended seed, to find the 24 words length seed and get the 0.001 BTC reward !
More informations on the btc puzzle game.

Some extra words could be revealed on our Telegram channel.... Don't forget to subscribe : allcoins_crypto

Have fun !

2020-01-15 21:41:18
BTC withdrawal

Hello dear users.

Bitcoin withdrawal fees are lowered... again.
You can withdraw your coins from 5000 BTC satoshi and the fees are fixed to 2000 BTC satoshi !


2020-01-01 14:02:39
Coin Removals


Sorry for the concerned people but we have to tell you that we will unlist the following coins from in the next weeks :

You will be able to withdraw them for few more days, but if "no withdrawal method" appear... you have to use the exchange.
Please, do this as soon as possible or you gonna lose your balance.

The reason is the same as the others recent unlisting, thoses coins are not used so much.


2019-12-24 16:29:29
All the best for you !

We wish all our dear Users, contractors and friends a wonderful, joyful and full loving Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year! team

2019-11-29 23:32:59
BTC withdraw fees


A regular withdrawal of your BTC to your address (via the bitcoin blockchain network) is now cheaper on !
We have reduced withdrawal fees for Bitcoin and the minimum threshold is also lowered.

You can now withdraw your BTC from 10000 satoshi and the fees are fixed at 2500 satoshi.

Thank you to all Telegram voters!

2019-11-28 01:55:58
Bigger rate for 24h

Command miner had some downtime... Sorry about it !
Hashrate will be like 20% higher for 24h to cover your loss...

Just to let you know about the new cmd miner : some of you get an error like "Your miner does not have cn/r algo support. Please update it."
- It is probably because you want to mine with GPU only and the new gpu miner is handle the new algo only (new RandomX algo, rx/0 will be effective in 2 days) ... so mine with your CPU only for the 2 nexts days and you should be able to mine with your GPU after november 30.

Happy mining.

2019-11-23 16:12:44
New command miner

Hello miners.

A new command miner version is available. Please remove your old files and download the new miner as soon as possible.
The new command miner should give you multiple options (cpu/gpu/hided mining) by launching the start.cmd file.

In a week or maybe less, the old command miner will not works anymore due to the new algorithm.

Happy mining.

2019-11-09 13:32:23
FaucetHub user?

Hello !

Are you a FaucetHub user?
We will allow you to withdraw more than before... But you have to make your withdrawals as soon as possible.

FaucetHub will probably close soon so we give you the opportunity to withdraw all your allcoins funds to FaucetHub (if you want to) and then, withdraw your FaucetHub funds to your own wallets !

You can also keep your funds into allcoins or even deposit your FH funds to Allcoins. (Be aware : POT, BLK, XPM, PPC, BTX won't be supported anymore on allcoins! as they only got the FH withdrawal method)

In few days/weeks, you should not having any coins left into your FaucetHub account and will remove the "FaucetHub" withdrawal method .. (but we will keep, of course, the "Direct Wallet" withdrawal method)

Have fun and if something is unclear to you, feel free to ask any questions on the chat !