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Litecoin Faucet

Use the Litecoin Faucet everydays to collect a lot of coins and make your balance big !
This faucet will also let you get some items for the Harvest Game like : Motivation, Drink or Food.

Coin : LTC (Litecoin)
Status : Available
Withdrawal : Regular Wallet
Amount : Up to 0.00001317 LTC How to get a higher reward?
Timer : Every 360 seconds (6 min)

How to get a bigger reward on faucet?

You want a bigger reward?
There is nothing more simple to get bigger rewards on the faucet. It is like a win-win.

1 - You just have to be sure to disable all of your ads-blocker, privacy settings, ads-shields, ... to be able to see all of our ads.
2 - Spend some times on our website ! We got a lot of features to earn money but you can simply enjoy chatting with us or play games.
3 - Do not be afraid of pop-ups... It is a good way to make faucet rewards bigger !
4 - Never try to cheat... try to multiply your reward with our provided buttons at the end of your claim.

If everybody spend more time, view more pages (with ads) on allcoins.pw, getting few popups... We will be able to give you a bigger reward ! Simple as that.

Ok, got it !

Sorry !
You can not use this feature as VISITOR.

The Litecoin Faucet will let you earn some LTC in a simple way... not like our competitors with multiple shortlinks.
You will be asked to click on a button, prove that you are human (by filling a captcha) and that's it... The coins is yours !!
We especially make the faucet as simple as possible for you with an acceptable rate to let you having enough time to use our others features to earn coins !
Once you have collected enough coins, you can withdraw them to your wallet. All of our faucets are giving coin through the public chain, so theses coins are not testcoins but real coins !
If you change your mind about a coins, do not worry... You can easily swap your coins to another currency with our Exchange Tool !
We can also advise you to use the OfferWall to collect a lot of Bitcoins by completing surveys, playing game, visit websites or watching videos... It is the most lucrative area of the website so you can earn up to 1 whole BTC in few days...